Elena Yoga Teacher & Founder of “Sphere”


Elena’s path to yoga began eighteen years ago when she tried her first “down-ward dog” in a crowded studio in New York. Since than yoga became her lifestyle and helped her to overcome many challenges and to keep a happy and healthy balance.

Elena believes in teaching yoga from inside out. Her classes are lively and uplifting with the focus on breathing and proper alignment and mixed with spontaneity and humor. She is inspired to help her students to obtain their goal in life, be it peace of mind, healthy balance, self-discovery, or just simply to be the best you can be!

Elena is eternally grateful to her family, friends, teachers and students for their support and encouragement and for making her a better human being.



Amy Yoga Teacher


Amy uses Hatha yoga to find balance and self healing. She believes that yoga practice should be adapted for each individual. Her teaching takes into account each student's mental, emotional and physical state, helping them to develop a sustainable yoga practice.

Teaching since 2005, she has worked with a diverse clientele - from professional athletes to the severely disabled. Her teaching emphasises self-enquiry, breath awareness and optimal biomechanics. In class she prefers to offer simplicity and depth, to develop awareness of the energetic effects of yoga practice and allow us to elevate our consciousness.

Amy was initially drawn to yoga to complement her martial arts training, seeking a complementary philosophy and softer physical approach. She has a huge passion for all kinds of movement. Her favourite thing about Geneva life is combining this with her deep love of nature, spending time enjoying mountain sports. Amy also teaches Pilates and holds teaching diplomas in several other movement and healing techniques.

Please check her web-site for more info at www.soska.ch

Andrea Paola Yoga Teacher


Yoga was first introduced to Andrea Paola in her pre-teen years by her mentor and aunt- a buddhist, yogini and yoga instructor- with whom she made her first trip to India and Thailand when she was 13. It was not until much later however, that yoga and meditation became a consistent and integral part of her life, playing a crucial role in her long battle with addictions when all other options had been exhausted.

Andrea Paola became fascinated by the healing and transformative capacities of contemplative therapies, and chose to integrate this into her studies of medicine/psychology. She received her yoga teacher training in Hatha yoga, and loves teaching and sharing the experience of pranayama (breath exercises), meditation and the deep calm that arises from the unity of mind, body and breath during each asana.

In her own practice, she often integrates aspects of ashtanga and vinyasa, as she loves this alternate access to the interior via a more dynamic, playful and athletic movement. It is also a wonderful compliment to her other life's passion: rock climbing.

Devika Yoga Teacher


Devika Coles is an educator and artist originally from the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. She is passionate about teaching yoga. Devika uses alignment based vinayasa, pranayama breathing techniques and meditation to help individuals develop greater awareness of their own body-mind connections. She believes that asana practices help to ‘sculpt the mind’, allowing each person to find a sense of balance, stillness, and love as they move throughout their day.

Devika moved to Geneva with her family from New York City in 2012, where she taught media arts and yoga in a public high school for six years to immigrant youth who were learning English. As a mother of two rambunctious girls, her own personal yoga practice helps keeps her grounded and centered. Devika has practiced yoga in the Shivananda, Ashtanga, and Iyengar lineages of yoga. She has a Masters of Art in Art Education from New York University and she recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program through YogaWorks, a studio based in the US.


Dominika Yoga Teacher & Therapist


The balance of polarities is what Dominika likes to focus on in her Yoga classes.

As much as we need and want to keep our body fit and strong, we also need to focus on a healthy body. To balance the need for a strong physical workout and building strength, but at the same time not to forget to slow down and allow the body and mind to rest, is the challenge we all face, and Dominika likes to take on in her class. This is why all her classes are build around the following three points: Asana (physical postures), Savasana (relaxation), and Pranayama (breathing).

Hatha Yoga, following the tradition of Swami Sivananda, is Dominika’s daily practice. Her sequencing is rounded to work your whole body and keep this instrument of ours, healthy. Besides that Dominika strongly believes in home practice and encourages and helps her students to establish a home practice, if they wish so.

Dominika is also trained as a Yoga therapist (Yoga for the Heart – a program for heart and cancer patients). Please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’re interested in more details regarding Yoga therapy or private classes.


Edita Yoga Teacher 

Sphere Edita

Edita’s yoga journey started in 2011 when she first walked into a yoga ashram in her native Lithuania. Being enthralled by yoga’s wisdom, Edita never stopped practicing and completed her first Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Mai Ram Yoga, lineage of Aghora Kapali Nath yogis. After quitting her government job, traveling around India and completing her Hatha Yoga Teacher training with the Himalayan Yoga Academy, Edita recently settled in Europe.

Within her own experience Edita realized that yoga has a transformative power helping to see one’s full potential, bringing light and joyful unity of body, mind and soul. In her classes Edita follows classical Indian yoga tradition and inspires people to search for softness, smoothness and stability. Yoga for her is practicing flexibility not only on a mat but also in all aspects of life.

Please contact her on Facebook @namasteme if you’re interested in private classes.

Estelle Yoga Teacher 


After a dramatic motorcycle accident at age 18, Estelle had to give up her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Instead, she became a translator and interpreter, and founded a family. Still, the mind-body connection she had deeply felt as a dancer was missing. After various trainings, Estelle discovered Yoga, and suddenly, everything became clear: teaching and transmitting the spirit of Yoga was going to be her new life‘s purpose. For her, Yoga is not only Asana (the poses) or practice on the mat; she endeavours to pass on to her students that one can export Yoga into everyday life so as to improve balance, well-being and happiness..

Jeanine Jivamukti Yoga Teacher

jeanine b

Jeanine was born to Rwandan parents in their exile. Her studies landed her in Geneva in 1994, leaving behind a million of her people swept away by the Tutsi Genocide in Rwanda. This beautiful city by the lake Leman adopted Jeanine.

Jeanine is very grateful to Sharon-Ma and David-ji for the gift of Jivamukti Yoga and everything. She is honored to be a member of the beautiful Jivamukti lineage.

Jeanine’s family, friends and the fantastic people who call her their teacher are her everyday teachers and support. Their love and trust shaped her into the person she is today. Extending togetherness to many more people is the story of her life …and such A JOY!

Please check her web-site for more information at www.atha-yoga.ch.

Julie Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Julie has always been a seeker. Seeking new adventures, new challenges, new experiences; meaning. This hunger made her travel and live abroad for most of her life and push her own boundaries in many different ways, perhaps particularly through surfing.

It wasn’t until 2010, when she found herself at a dead end - as her adventures and challenges didn’t fulfil her anymore - that she found yoga, or yoga found her, and she hasn’t looked back ever since. Yoga was the stepping stone that became a new foundation enabling her to transform, let go, be receptive to change and open to new perceptions.

Julie is a certified teacher (220 hrs+) at the ‘Amrit Nam Sarovar’ and is now finishing her second year of a 2.5 years continuous training program (500 hrs+ Amrit Nam Sarovar). Julie has also deepened her knowledge and awareness by working with the ‘Ishtar In’easa mabu’ teachings for the last couple of years (The Path of Light & The Universal Healing Rays).


Julie Bosson Meditation Facilitator


Julie is a special education teacher and holds Masters Degree in Special Education from University of Geneva. 

Julie has been practicing yoga for many years and discovered mindful mediation fours years ago during presentation at a school where she teaches. Since than Julie has attended numerous teachers trainings in Mindful Meditation and has become a certified Mindful Meditation Facilitator.



Will Yoga Teacher

Will new

Will’s passion for studying the movement of the body began at the age of eighteen in his former career as a professional Skydiving Instructor. For years Skydiving and BASE jumping allowed him to express himself creatively and competitively as well as to study the unlimited possibilities of human movement. After the loss of several close friends, he began to feel less at home in the sky and sought to continue his study of mobility and creativity in rock climbing, free diving and yoga.

Will moved from the United States to Europe in 2008 to experience life in another country and start a family. His own exploration of yoga is best expressed in the words of Patanjali “yoga chitta vritti nirodha” or “yoga is an end to the constant movement of the mind”. Will’s practice began as an exploration of his own spirituality. He was set on a spiritual path as a means of recovering from a personal struggle with addiction. Today, he feels truly privileged to work in a field in which he is certain he is contributing in a meaningful and positive manner to the world around him.